Demo Websites

The website you are currently viewing is using our free template.

We also have a demo site that you can view at

Both of these websites are running in a special demo mode which allows you to change the theme and fonts used. This allows you to see how your website would appear.

Here are some businesses that use our template:
Visage de la Beauté
S R Electrical
Barnsley Metropolitan Band

Themes & fonts

Notice the toolbar at the top of the page. Use the drop-down lists to select a theme and fonts, then click the [Apply] button to see how your website could look.

You can change the theme and fonts for your own website at any time without loosing any of the content you have created.

More themes may be added in the future.

Page layouts

You can add as many pages as you like and choose from 10 page layouts for each. Browse this website or our demo website to see the various page types in action.

Optimised for tablets & smartphones

Optimised for smartphones

The templates make use of a technique called "responsive design". This means that the website scales and re-arranges the content to fit the size of the screen being used.

Try viewing our demo websites on your widescreen laptop, tablet and smartphone. You will find that each has a slightly different presentation, ensuring a good viewing experience for your visitors.

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