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Are the websites really free?

Yes, the web templates are free and the hosting of your website is also free if you use one of our generic domain names. For example a hair dresser could use one of the following:

Why are they free?

Purchasing a custom website can be costly. We want to give businesses the opportunity to prove that an online presence can boost their sales before they risk any money.

We hope that some of the businesses that use our free offering will take advantage of our expertise to help make the most of their website. See our optional costs page for more details.

We also hope local businesses will keep us in mind for their other marketing and design needs via our main website

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. Using your own domain name costs £50 per year. We also remove our small text ad from the bottom of websites that pay this annual hosting fee.

Can I use Google Analytics to track how many visitors my website gets?

Yes, Sign up for a Google Analytics account and then email your tracking code to

Can I change the colours on my website?

Colours cannot be changed. If you upgrade to use your own domain name you get 1 hour free web design. We can use this time to change the colours for you.

What if the website doesn't do everything I need?

The templates provide a lot of functionality, but if you require further features we can provide a quote for the work.

Can I use the website for anything?

The websites are only for business use. We do not allow content that is offensive or illegal. Read our full terms and conditions for more information.

How do I get my website included on search engines, like Google.

Search engines need to find your website before they can include you. Help them find you by putting clickable links to your website on other sites. For example, share it on Facebook and Twitter, including it on any online profiles, and add entries to local or industry specific directories.

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