Adding Pages

You can add as many pages as you like to your website and choose from 10 pre-set layouts, all designed for specific purposes.

How to add a page

Right click on an existing menu item and choose to add a new menu before or after the selected item.Enter the text you want to appear in the menu.Select one of the pre-set page layouts in the Page Type drop-down list and click [OK].Click on your new menu item to navigate to the page and begin editing it.

Pre-set page layouts

Pick the best layout for your purposes and simply add your text and images.

Home Page

The home page is intended to be used as your main entry page.

Add as many banners as you like to the scrolling slideshow at the top of the page. There are areas to show your unique selling points, introductory text and a call to action.


The page you are viewing, uses the Services layout.

Use the banner to promote a core message and add as many categories as you need, each having a small image, title and description of one of your services.


Articles consist of sections. Each section contains a sub-heading, paragraphs of text and an optional photo to the right hand side. Using multiple sections help to break up your article, making it more readable.

Featured Video

Show an embeded video that you have uploaded to YouTube.

Using YouTube to host your videos is free.


The gallery provides three columns of thumbnail images. These can be clicked to see a full size version. Showcase your photos and videos here. Optionally include a caption / description for each item.

Price List

The price list allows you to add multiple categories and multiple price rows within each category. Each category can also have a small image and introductory text.

Frequently Asked Questions

Add pairs of questions and answers that your customers will find useful. Answering common queries in this way can remove barriers to sales and help convert visitors to customers.


Show recent testimonials to build trust with your visitors. You can add as many testimonials as you like. An extract from the testimonial is used as a heading to highlight the most important phrase.

About Us

Provide details about your company and key employees along with a photo for each employee. Add as many employees as you need.

Contact Us

Display your address and contact details here. Add rows to the "contact us" form to ensure you have the information you require to properly deal with a customer enquiry.

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